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Cairngorm Gin is a hand-crafted artisan gin produced in small batches, of no more than 70 bottles, in our traditional copper pot still in the heart of one of Scotland’s most dramatic landscapes.

Distillery founder Jack committed from the start to distill and bottle our premium spirit in the region that inspired it, and only ever in small batches, in order to preserve the quality of each and every bottle.


Influenced by the diverse and pristine Cairngorms National Park, we use nine botanicals and the freshest water from the River Spey, which we collect and filter ourselves, to produce Cairngorm Gin.

The finest juniper, cloudberries, elderflower and Caledonian pine are partnered with coriander seed, orris root, sweet orange peel, angelica and kaffir lime leaf to create a wonderfully refreshing, aromatic gin.

This bold infusion of botanicals and Highland Mountain water results in a floral, fruity gin with subtle earthy tones that can be enjoyed neat over ice or with premium tonic, a slice of green apple, and a raspberry and blackberry to enhance the cloudberry tones.

Wild, native Caledonian pine, elderflower, carpets of prickly juniper bushes and rare amber-coloured cloudberry thrive in the unique alpine climate of the Cairngorm Plateau and the lush valley below.

Cloudberry, one of the key botanicals used in Cairngorm Gin, and once abundant in the Cairngorms National Park are now quite rare. We source the finest cloudberries from Scandinavia as we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to experience their long-forgotten flavour. A rare amber-coloured fruit rich in vitamin C, and only found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, Cloudberries share a flavour profile with raspberry and blackberry.

We distill these fine botanicals along with crystal clear water from the River Spey to produce a distinctive unique gin inspired by the land that we live in.

Cairngorm Gin - From our hearts to your home

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Our Perfect Serve

We say ‘each to their own’ when it comes to enjoying our gin, but we recommend serving neat over ice or with premium tonic, a slice of green apple, a raspberry and a blackberry. Share your perfect serve with us via our social channels - we would love to see how you enjoy your Cairngorm Gin.